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Scott is an experienced gamer who has been in the industry for over 20 years. A father of five who claims to purchase all the latest and greatest “games” for his children (we know who really enjoys these), he specializes in first person shooter games and anything football.

Osland comes to us from Norway and has a background in journalism. When he is not researching and writing about technology, he enjoys camping and reading.

Kimberly is a PC geek at heart and enjoys this passion by keeping up with all the latest computer technologies and helping anyone who needs help with computers. She remembers the old 386 she started taking apart when she was younger.

Jonathan is a freelance writer who has been published in major newspapers across the country as well as a few gaming magazines. Jonathan loves to compare games across systems and spends much of his free time playing the new Black Ops with the online gaming community. If it’s on the network, he’s the guy to ask about it.

Jason is the all American sports nut in the group and absolutely loves College Football. You won’t catch him writing on Saturdays, as he’s too wrapped up in his favorite NCAA conference game. Jason started out writing on blogs but has quickly proven to be a very keen tech researcher who provides lots of information for his writings as well as others in the office.

Leslie loves to tinker with the latest gadgets that come out and stays up to date with all the best deals you may want to grab from online resellers. We just think she likes to shop with our money, but she claims it’s all for “research”.