Amazon Promotes New Student Membership With Free Xbox 360 Consoles to Students

Amazon Promotes New Student Membership With Free Xbox 360 Consoles to Students

Buy a PC Get an Xbox 360 Promo:  Online retail giant Amazon is well known for their marketing prowess. And this time of year Amazon often offers special deals and sales to those back-to-school shoppers. However, Amazon has come up with one of their more attractive specials ever for students returning to school. Any student with a .edu e-mail address will receive a free Xbox 360 4GB console when they purchase specific computers before returning back to class. 

For those parents who would like to give their child the ultimate gift, and for those studious students who understand a good value when they see it, this special offer from Amazon is not only attractive, but just makes sense … and dollars. For parents who are shopping for a back-to-school computer for their child, they also receive an extra gift to give their young one before they leave the house and head back to class. Now not all parents will want to promote video game playing while their student-child should be studying. So the wise parent may keep the Xbox 360 4GB console hidden and use it later as a birthday or holiday gift.

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Or the conniving student could approach their parents about meeting them halfway on a computer purchase, knowing all the while they will receive the Xbox game console. Whatever permutations you may dream up, this is nothing but a great deal for the consumer, and simply another example of how effective Amazon’s marketing machine is.

And honestly, anyone with a .edu e-mail address can sign up as a “student” and qualify. And I am sure that Microsoft has made some allowance for Amazon on their usual retail price, or perhaps Microsoft simply had a much higher in-stock level on the 4 GB Xbox console then they were comfortable with. Either way, spend $699 or more on a Windows 7 PC and the game console is yours. As you can imagine, the qualifying computer selection is very specific. And since Microsoft makes both the Xbox 360 and the Windows 7 operating system, their loss is at a minimum while their exposure is at a maximum.

Those of you with a .edu e-mail address need only by one of the qualifying computers, and within 8 days you will receive an e-mail at that address with a link to your free Xbox console. You head on over to Amazon, add to shopping cart through the specific link in your .edu e-mail, and the Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB console rings out at $0.00. For those students and parents of students shopping for computers heading back to school, this is a very attractive offer, and expires on September 3.

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