Amazon’s Kindle 3 Wi-fi eReader Still #1, Kindle 3G w/ Special Offers Drops to $139

Amazon’s Kindle 3 Wi-fi eReader Still #1, Kindle 3G w/ Special Offers Drops to $139

Amazon didn’t create the the eReader device, but they did make it socially acceptable. Not until the Amazon Kindle was released 3 years ago did the personal electronics consumer even consider a specific device for reading e-books. However, Amazon’s incredible marketing machine, coupled with a very low retail price, incredibly thin, small device, and super portability created a market where Amazon could move their vast number of e-books, apps and games. By keeping the retail price of the hardware low, Amazon could focus on delivery of their high-margin, low-priced content.

The Amazon Kindle has in recent years seen competition grow as other eReader manufacturers try to duplicate Amazon’s Kindle’s success. Companies like Barnes & Noble and Sony released eReaders that met with some early success, but never quite matched the cross-demographic popularity of the Kindle. Space recently, Barnes & Noble has released the Nook Color eReader, and for a brief period of time immediately following its launch, it was the best selling eReader. That marks the 1st time since the inception of the eReader device that any eReader other than the Kindle inhabited the top spot according to sales volume.

However, that sales success and customer support was short-lived, and the Amazon Kindle is once again King of the eReading jungle. That is due mostly in part to the awesome job Amazon does with their Kindle marketplace. The user experience downloading books, shopping, and the user interface in the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi and 3G devices are both superior to any other manufacturer.

The reason is not necessarily any single big thing that Amazon has done with the Kindle 3, but moreso all the small changes that have been made. The Kindle 3 is lighter and smaller than any previous Kindle model. However, getting smaller actually did not reduce the screen size. With the same 6 inch screen, 50% better contrast, extra fonts added for personalization and an incredible 60 days of battery life off a single charge, the Kindle is far and away the dominant eReader.

And at only $139, the same price as the Kindle 2, the Kindle 3 takes affordability to a whole new level, beating the Nook and other competitors with similar models. How can the good get even better? You can purchase the Kindle 3 and receive special money-saving offers on the homepage and any screen savers for only $114. All is right again in the consumer electronics universe, where the Amazon Kindle is still King.

In a recent reduction in price, you can also get the Kindle 3G with special offers for just $139!  This means you’d get 3G access to the internet for free, along with a few ads and screen savers that actually contain some really great deals.  If you can tolerate the ads, then consider the 3G model with special offers that is the same prices as the Kindle wi-fi, but also comes with 3G service.

Kindle Wi-Fi with Special Offers:  Buy Now at Amazon for $114 
Kindle Wi-Fi: By now at Amazon for $139
Kindle 3G with Special Offers:  Buy Now at Amazon for $139 **Best Deal!!
Kindle 3G: By now at Amazon for $189
Kindle DX: By now at Amazon for $379


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Jul 25, 2011
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The Kindle debuted at more than $350 for the device, and didn’t budge on price until the nook started stealing market share.

Just sayin.

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Jul 25, 2011
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I’d like to see some recent sources showing numbers of devices sold. Otherwise, I wouldn’t believe it. There’s an incredible amount of buzz for the nook devices, and Amazon’s obviously scared by it, otherwise they wouldn’t be driving their prices down to match BN’s newest device that rocked its world.

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