Natural Motion and 505 Games are going to bring the bone crackling action of Backbreaker Vengeance to PS3 via PSN. When the X-Live Arcade first featured Backbreaker Vengeance, it wasn’t quite what the football fans were expecting. Instead of a Madden replica or an arcade spin on the National Football League, Natural Motion and 505 Games had fabricated something more like a kart race, only with a streak of progressive action fused in. Each player can control either a defending or an attacking player.

Players can earn bonus points for skilled moves and running in some particular areas, along with leaderboards which show who the leader is. The players have to complete challenges to unchain new teams. Apparently, the game was thought to be too good to be restricted to the X-Live Arcade, hence 505 Games announced that Backbreaker will now be made available on PSN.

The key features of the game include the Euphoria engine, which makes sure that each and every interaction between gamers is completely exclusive, with no pre-recorded collision animations, providing the game a real-world feel. A two player split screen mode is present along with three AI modes called Tackle Alley, Supremacy and Vengeance.

Objective centred leaderboards are also present which ensure that the game remains competitive. Additionally, 350 waves of heart-hammering action spread over 70 challenges infuses real time scenario atmosphere. On-field cameras are also present to make the game more realistic. Players can also replay key moments with the in-game replay mechanism.

The game provides amazing visuals powered by Natural Motion’s top-rated Morpheme animation technology which provides realistic stadium lights, weather effects, first class character models and a stadium full of spectators. The characters and their movement is another treat to the eyes.

Backbreaker Vengeance utilises the intensity and the massive appeal of the earlier Backbreaker Football edition and fuses it with the likeness of popular iPhone gaming apps to design a whole new experience for digital download on PSN. The Electronic Theatre reviewed the edition and stated that Backbreaker Vengeance is a neat supplement to the Backbreaker franchise which will be welcomed by fans of the earlier edition. It is the first title to be released as a digital download and is already available via X-Live arcade. Backbreaker Vengeance for PSN will be available for download from 24 August, 2011 onwards.

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