Beta of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations To Hit PS3

Beta of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations To Hit PS3

Assassin Creed’s newest edition Revelations is an upcoming video game published and developed by Ubisoft Montreal. As in previous editions, the same protagonists from the earlier games will be featured: Ezio, Desmond and Altaïr. It has been rumoured that this will be the last game featuring Altaïr Ibn La’Ahad and Ezio Auditore, and also the last game to be featured in the Renaissance period. The game is set to be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and Microsoft Windows and PSP on November 15.

The multiplayer beta of Ubisoft developed Assassin’s Creed’s latest version Revelations begins through the PSN on 3 September, Saturday. This beta is available for all the subscribers of PlayStation Plus and all PS3 gamers who have registered for an Uplay game. The beta will provide access to 9 playable characters with their favoured weapons.

The characters are detailed as follows: The Sentinel whose characteristic weapon is the Long Katar, The Vanguard favouring the Small Axe, The Vizier who has the Sword, The Guardian sporting the Lance, The Thespian favouring the Dagger, The Bombardier with the Mace, The Deacon with the Long Sword, The Champion with the Small Axe and The Trickster with the Dagger. There are three maps featured- Knight’s Hospital, Antioch and Constantinople (will be added during the beta).

The game also has four modes, which are: Wanted where the players kill their designated targets while avoid being killed by their pursuers, Manhunt where each team pursue the other team in turns, Deathmatch which is about finding and killing assigned targets and saving self from the pursuers, and finally Artefact Assault where the player’s objective is to obtain scores by stealing enemy’s artifacts and carrying them back to their own base.

The Artifact Assault mode will be added at the beta stage. Additionally, the developers have released a Revelations Avatar collection for Xbox 360 which features a Codex prop, an Eagle as a pet and the black hoodie of Desmond. Some outfits are also available representing Bombardier, Ezio, Sentinel, Guardian, and the Vanguard Outfit which is for females only. Players pre-ordering via Best Buy will receive a special multiplayer character.

Apart from that, a variety of limited editions of Revelations are also going to be released worldwide. The Collectors, Animus, and Special versions are available on XBOX360/PS3 platforms but currently available only in Europe and Australia. The Signature Edition is available only through GameStop on the XBOX360/PS3 platforms in North America.

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