BlackBerry PlayBook Arrives: Is 7 Inch Tablet Big Enough?

BlackBerry PlayBook Arrives: Is 7 Inch Tablet Big Enough?

The BlackBerry PlayBook 7 inch Wifi tablet is finally here. What has at times been called an iPad and even iPad 2 killer met with immediate sales success, if not what Research In Motion (RIM) was looking for entirely. With tons of features leaning toward the business, or enterprise, tablet user, and a ton of multimedia ability, it has the opportunity to be a dominant player in the tablet arena. The Blackberry Playbook pricing starts at $528 for the 16GB and goes to $799 for the 32GB.

RIM is big on updates, and they have already had two software upgrades that are starting to show off the amazing abilities the PlayBook has to offer, and as the updates and Flash ability continue to grow, this seems to be a possible “Top 5 tablets of 2011” candidate as far as these awesome features are concerned. But there is one thing that remains to be seen.

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Can 7 inch tablets exist and carve out enough market share to last in a predominantly 10 inch market? The 7 inch BlackBerry PlayBook offers full Flash support coming soon, the screen is sharp and bright, there is HDMI out, a 1GHz dual-core processor makes it fly and the ability to record in full 1080 p is better than the iPad 2. There has been a lot of positive feedback, and really important to BlackBerry smartphone users is the Sync ability wirelessly through RIM’s Bridge software.

We all know that, much like Apple, RIM will have plenty of devotees that will get it just because it is the first tablet offered by RIM. But the BlackBerry PlayBook actually has a ton of awesome multimedia features, and several proprietary apps and software that make it a viable tablet to be sure. And at its current price, it comes in at about $100 less than the tablet king, the Apple iPad 2. The only thing prospective buyers need to consider is if a 7 inch screen is big enough. For those “bigger is better” folks, they may want to wait for the rumored 10 inch PlayBook, but I love the ability to hold the PlayBook in one hand, and 7 inches is way bigger than my smartphone. So, is bigger better for you?

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