Dark Souls: clubNAMCO edition Out Soon

Dark Souls: clubNAMCO edition Out Soon

Namco Bandai Games Inc. has recently unveiled the pre-order page for the clubNAMCO edition of Dark Souls. The exclusive publisher’s bundle features a model version of the action RPG along with a map bearing the land and a latest artwork sporting t-shirt from the gaming title. Plenty of images of the package along with the newest screens from the title are widely available on the internet.

The complete description from the store of Namco Bandai Games revealed limited availability further limited to per size, per order.  An exclusive of clubNAMCO, This edition of Dark Souls bundle arrives with the highly awaited standard version of Dark Souls, a special printed map bearing the land where the player will be wandering, along with an American Apparel branded Dark Souls T-Shirt, what they tout as the smoothest, softest, cool T-shirt available just about anywhere! The exclusive bundle is priced at $80.

Then there’s also a chance to grab a few extras with the game pack in case the buyer is one among those who couldn’t get the collector’s edition. Players can pre-order this exclusive edition and the bundle will be shipped when the game releases on 10 October.

The expansion of the gaming industry has had the unavoidable result of a ‘dumbing down’ trend, i.e. the games have become increasingly less challenging. New audience hence new interfaces signify that the games have to be even more fair, accessible and friendly – not punishing and cruel. However, Dark Souls promises to be uncompromising and tough. Marked as ‘the toughest game ever made’, Dark Souls has continuously been fetching dozens of glowing reviews, and the game’s wide popularity establishes that there’s a market out there for hardcore gaming.

So why is the game so terribly addictive? Developers quote that it’s developed around one of the most rewarding, tightest real-time spells and swords combat systems of gaming. Though the progression is slow, the achievements are genuine, with the game so amazing that the player will be literally dying to glimpse the next gloomy dungeon or sweeping vista. It’s a crushingly difficult game, but is playfully so. Well, any sort of game which allows the player to invade another player’s game online to permanently kill the main character can only be termed sadistic, and rightfully so.

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