Dead Island: Bloodbath Arena DLC Update and More

Dead Island: Bloodbath Arena DLC Update and More

Sometime earlier, Dead Island’s Facebook page read that Techland, Death Island’s developer, required additional time to do “extra polishing” to the core game before the $10 worth Bloodbath Arena content gets ready for release. Bloodbath Arena was previously a Special Edition Dead Island exclusive. It comprises of both multiplayer and single-player challenges in four unique areas. Tides of zombies will unleash havoc among the players in the DLC, with players thrust with the simple task of killing them all while saving  themselves in the process.

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In addition to that, players can track and display their development through the Arena’s leader-boards, and as assistance in those lethal quests, the content pack features a special weapon, i.e. a brain wave bomb.

In other news, Dead Island is ready to enter debut on the silver screen through the studio Lionsgate. Sean Daniels, producer of The Mummy is heading the team on the untitled film, which is expected to focus on “family ties, human emotions with nonlinear storytelling.”

The game’s Facebook page has also presented an update on the expected release date of the Bloodbath Arena DLC, which is expected to be sometime in mid November. The extra time for development will allow the developers to ensure the “best ever experience possible” on all the platforms.

The game was launched for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 on 6 September in North America and 9 September for PAL regions. The DLC of Bloodbath Arena pits the player and three of his friends against limitless flocks of zombies across distinct areas. The entire set of items, weapons and experience can be shifted to the main campaign mode.

Soon after the launch, Deep Silver revealed that they expect the global shipment figures to touch the 2 million units mark by the end of that month. These predictions were made keeping in mind the game’s top-selling status in global markets, along with the No. 1 slot attained by it on the digital distribution platform of Valve. The game has also witnessed headline controversy because of the sexist content in the development code of the game.

Published by Deep Silver and developed by Techland, Dead Island, a horror action-adventure game played in first person for Xbox 360, PS3 and Microsoft Windows, is based on the survival challenge in an open world zombie-stricken island with a major highlight on melee style combat.

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