DLC for First WRC 2 Revealed under Special Online Offer

DLC for First WRC 2 Revealed under Special Online Offer

WRC 2 is scheduled to be out this month. GAME, the French online retailer, announced an exclusive pre-order offer for the DLC of the special Safari rally. The Safari DLC comprises of an exclusive rally in Kenya and Tanzania, which is expected to be a lot longer than any other WRC. The DLC is centered on the actual rally of the very exact name. Historically, this race takes place each year since June of 1953 in the East Africa’s massive territories and will be taking place this year too from 19 to 28 November.

However, no word regarding the validity period of the exclusive offer is out yet. However, since in the long run no publisher/developer would like to miss out on sales, this Downloadable Content is most likely to be widely available even after the expiry of the exclusive offer.

This time around, in WRC 2, the developers have significantly improved the game physics. The car will now behave much more realistically due to all-new suspension management system which allows the car to be more responsive to the irregularities of the driving terrain.

The driving experience is expected to be much more thrilling and fun, as well as more enjoyable and realistic. Developers have also introduced new graphics to highlight damage, thanks to an improved system that inflicts more detailed and realistic deformation after collisions.

Improved crumbling roads, vehicles, changing conditions…the enhanced driving experience will let the player to dip into the rally world as if he were actually behind the wheel of a 300 BHP monster. Environmental lighting and graphics now depict more vibrant colors, resulting in the tracks appearing more realistic, and due to the various different sessions of recording done in the field, the resultant in-game sounds of the cars are expected to be more accurate as well.

The surroundings in the races are loaded with plenty of vegetation which the developers say will produce amazing shadow effects. The inclusion a ‘haze’ effect will also improve the scenery. The player can now challenge their opponents in a one-on-one mode; also featured is a dedicated ranking syste, which will announce the best “duelist” among all of them, on the market.

The multiplayer mode, Hot Seat, allows the player to challenge up to three of his friends, taking part in a Single rally, a Single stage, or even a complete Championship. Thus, one after another they will be racing against one another’s times, which is essentially the true essence of rallying.

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