DLC of Total War: SHOGUN 2 announced

DLC of Total War: SHOGUN 2 announced

The Sengoku Jidai Pack of TW: SHOGUN 2 adds 10 new exclusive units across the various game modes of the game. After purchasing the content, the player can unlock all 10 of these flexible units in both single as well as multiplayer Campaign mode as detailed below:

The first unit will be the Bulletproof Samurai unit. While the heavy armour of these units makes them slow, they possess very good melee and armour defence while ranking average in melee attack. Campaign mode requires Yari Dojo and Armoury as construction requirements.

The second unit is the Ikko Ikki clan- Marathon Monk (Ikko Ikki clan needs Ikko Ikki Clan Pack which is available on Steam). They are characterised by good infantry and cavalry defence and remarkable melee defence. They are fatigue resistant and can move very fast. Construction requirements include Ikko religion, Proving grounds and Jodo Shinshu Temple in the Campaign mode.

The Hojo clan-Hand Mortar unit can throw shots on intruding troops, even over high walls. Low morale, very vulnerable to cavalry and melee due to small size and poor stats characterise the Hojo clan. Goldsmith and armoury form the campaign mode’s construction requirements. The Shimazu clan-Heavy Gunner are small units vulnerable to melee and even more to cavalry.

The construction requirements include Gunsmith and Armoury in the Campaign mode. The Mori clan (Wako Raider) can deploy anywhere outside of their deployment area. Good melee attacking skills but weak melee defence skills characterise the Mori clan. Construction requirements feature Sword Dojo and Military port in Campaign mode.

 The mounted samurais of Tokugawa clan (Mounted Gunner) carry matchlocks while allowing themselves to fire a lethal volley and then promptly riding away.  They can do very high damage using missiles. They have good accuracy but slow reload. Construction requirements include Stables and Gunsmith.

The Hattori clan-Bandit (Hattori clan is only available in the Limited edition of SHOGUN 2 can shoot even when they are hidden and can walk undetected. Bow jojo and Criminal syndicate are the construction requirements.

The Oda clan (Long-Yari Ashigaru) carries ultra long pikes and spears, which prove are very dangerous to cavalry. Excellence against cavalry, vulnerability to sword infantry and missiles and weak morale characterise this clan. Spear dojo and Encampment comprise the construction requirements.

Good speed, cavalry and infantry defence skills, vulnerable to bows and matchlocks but with a weakness for spears and naginatas portray the Takeda clan-Fire cavalry. Construction requirements include Cavalry Dojo and Proving Grounds.

High accuracy and damage procuring, slow reload speed, vulnerability to cavalry and weak melee attack prowess mark the Chosokabe clan- Daikyu Samurai. The hunting lodge and Bow dojo form the construction requirements.

The addition of these new units has raised considerable excitement among the players of the game and it is expected to be well received within the community.

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