Dragons vs. Unicorns Announced by Digital Harmony Games

Dragons vs. Unicorns Announced by Digital Harmony Games

The long yearned wish of hundreds of gamers for an intense, macho, unicorn game has finally come true. Yes, unicorns will now get their chance to blaze in Dragons Vs Unicorns, the brand new action cross-platform game that is expected to be out for the iOS, Mac, Android and PC.

Developer and COO at Digital Harmony Games, Keren Kang, expressed his views about the horn blasting, romp stomping action game in the press release and said that it is the ideal game for their first release as it has an amazing art style and provides a thrilling game-play experience. He stated that creating a flawless cross-platform experience is quite crucial, and part of which is to make sure that a multiplayer version will be available 24/7. With the connective cross-platform technology present in this release, the players can always get a game on against an Android, iOS or Windows opponent.

For decades, the obsolete Dragons have looked down upon and chastised almost all creatures, mostly the Unicorns. Disgusted by the Unicorns’ fondness and love for candy, rainbows and glitter, Dragons launched war on the Unicorns which has unleashed an all out fight for supremacy. Exclusively featuring a fantasy laden landscape, both of these mythical creatures will battle to devastate the opponent’s tower utilising a range of amazing abilities. Here, players will aid their side by defending their respective towers as they send in minions, cast abilities, lob objects and much more in this exciting action-packed multiplayer game.

Players will pick between the battle-toughened Dragons and the cupcake eating Unicorns, battling out in brutal PVP bouts. A single player mode is present to facilitate the honing of skills prior to going online for some butt whooping, special attacks, real-time dynamic physics, persistent character growth, super abilities and also a VS Store, as well as cross-platform functionality.

Dragons Vs. Unicorns presents an engrossing experience with an intuitive and simple scheme of control with gesture based and easy click control. Digital Harmony, the developer, is intending to show off the real time cross-platform connectivity of Dragons Vs Unicorns at the GDC Online Convention to be held in Austin sometime next week. For scheduling appointments, Mika Kelly can be contacted at mika@clevercomm.com or 408-693-0176. The game is scheduled to be launched in early 2012.

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