Soon after Bethesda announced that New Vegas: Lonesome Road is going to be delayed, sometime earlier this month it also proclaimed that Lonesome Road will be out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC by September 20. Their fourth downloadable content bundle for Lonesome Road will be priced at $9.99. Additionally, Bethesda also publicised two supplementary add-ons, GunRunners’ Arsenal and Courier’s Stash, which are expected to be made available in the following week by September 27th.

Courier’s Stash provides the players direct access to four additional content bundles, which were previously accessible only by pre-ordering Fallout’s Lonesome Road. The content bundles comprise of Caravan Pack, Tribal Pack, Classic Pack and Mercenary Pack, each offering exclusive weapons, aid and apparel advantages that helps the players throughout their journey, at $1.99/160 MSP.

GunRunners’ Arsenal widens the array of unique weapons, ammo types, weapon mods, and recipes yet to be unearthed in the gigantic Mojave Wasteland. GunRunners’ Arsenal packs will run at $3.99/320 MSP.

In Lonesome Road, the player is contacted by the Courier Six, otherwise known as the original Courier, a man known by the name of Ulysses who turned down the job to transport the Platinum Chip at the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas. He promises to cite the reason behind him not taking the job, but only if the player makes one final trek to the hurricane-hit canyons of the Divide, a mysterious landscape torn apart by violent storms and earthquakes. It’s all up to the gamer whether he takes the job or not.

Lonesome Road is the end of the scheduled downloadable adventure series for the game. However, that doesn’t imply Obsidian and Bethesda won’t make anymore. Still, the downloadable content pack marks the end of the story of the Courier – the character played by the gamer in Vegas. It is essentially an RPG in the Fallout series published by Bethesda Softworks while Obsidian entertainment developed it.

The game is centred in a post-apocalyptic scenario around Nevada in Las Vegas. Obsidian Entertainment offers new improvements and features in Fallout: New Vegas that are executed upon the groundwork of Fallout 3. For instance, the earlier Fallout 3 engine was redrafted just to lodge the extra effects and lights of the Vegas Strip.

Bethesda also released a bunch of screen-shots showing Lonesome Road along with some of the weaponry in GunRunners’ Arsenal.

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