Guardian Heroes to arrive in Xbox LIVE!

Guardian Heroes to arrive in Xbox LIVE!

One of Sega Saturn’s greatest games, Guardian Heroes is set to be re-released on Xbox Live Arcade on October 12. One of the most brilliant game developers in the industry, Treasure, planned to create a ‘beat ‘em up’ style genre with terrific 2D visuals, incredible gameplay, RPG elements and loads of replay value.

And the outcome obtained was Guardian Heroes, a wholesome game brimming with so much fun and charm that it is still fondly remembered by fans and stands right beside other biggies like Gunstar Heroes, , Bangai-o, Alien Soldier, Dynamite Headdy, Silhouette Mirage, Mischief Makers, Radiant Silvergun, , Sin and Punishment, Rakugaki Showtime, Gradius V  and Astro Boy’s Omega Factor.

Guardian Heroes adds a wide range of aspects to the genre of side scrolling fighting game. Along with an improved story mode, the game features a ‘versus’ mode where approximately six exclusive players can fight against any of the chief characters (and bosses, monsters, and civilians which can’t be unlocked) in a timed combat or until death.

The story mode is renowned for its multiple paths. It enables the player to form choices on what they want to do after each level and where they want to go next. This facilitates multiple endings and different levels and bosses. Hence, each time the gamer plays the game he can change the story significantly, which may even lead the player to Golden Silver, the ultimate Boss.

Notorious for the famed Golden Warrior (who could never be controlled in one-player, and can only be given commands) and its six player ‘versus’ mode (where the player can use all the featured characters of the game including grunts, villagers and plants) along with multiple endings and a neat spin on the quoted ‘beat ‘em up’ sort, Guardian Heroes achieved colossal acclaim for the doomed console of Sega.

Since then, although Treasure did only one follow up for the Game Boy called Advance Guardian Heroes, the sequel never managed to attain the same level of success as its predecessor.

Now the die-hard fans can experience a rush of nostalgia and first-timers will get a glimpse of the fuss around Guardian Heroes. The game will have re-crafted high definition and the multiplayer mode has been boosted up from 6 to 12 players, along with the supplementary bonus regarding the provision to go online. Guardian Heroes will be priced at 800 MSP on XBLA.

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