Guild Wars Free Expansion Out Now

Guild Wars Free Expansion Out Now

NCsoft has launched a brand new content expansion for free, exclusively for Guild Wars. The Guild Wars series resumes with Winds of Change (second chapter), the biggest free content expansion for the title to date. This launch sees eleven additional quests, five re-spawned zones, and several concealed scenes for players seeking to live the story to the fullest.

In the earlier instalment, the players were subjected to an organisation dedicated to bring order and peace back to troubled Cantha, the Ministry of Purity. This organisation started their virtuous crusade by seeking to cleanse the land of the Afflicted who unleashed horrors during the Guild Wars Factions events. The organisation united the commoners to its cause under the conviction that Cantha is a land which doesn’t need idols or heroes; only people with the will and the strength to stand up and fight for themselves. Initiating from these plain beginnings, the Ministry expanded in size and attained influence over the Afflicted, and siphoned them off the land. People disappointed with the emperor of Cantha for his incapability to safeguard them looked to the Ministry of Purity for solace.

As the players overpowered the very last belonging to the Afflicted, the Ministry soon started prosecuting the Kaineng gangs, Jane brotherhood and Am Fah, as their next target. The gangs had posed as a threat for a long time which existed within the Canthan life and the Emperor was not capable enough to fight against them. The Jane Brotherhood and Am Fah have been at war continuously with each other, and their fight keeps them from being threatening enough to the empire directly. These three have lived as a system of balances and checks against each other rather a queasy balance of power that would to boil over into full blown violence at the slightest provocation. Under the control of Minister Reiko, the Ministry has announced that the reign of fear associated with the gangs must be put to an end, by any measures necessary.

In this instalment of the three-sectioned Winds of Change the clash between the gangs and the Ministry of Purity escalates. The Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood find themselves shoved back and resorting to destructive, dire measures to hit back. Some people have even started to wonder if the price of peace is worth the fight.

Guild Wars is a 3D RPG developed exclusively for PC by ArenaNet.

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