Hotz seems to put hacking on hold while working for Facebook

Hotz seems to put hacking on hold while working for Facebook

Three years ago, hacker George Hotz (AKA GeoHot) unlocked the iPhone. He made it possible for fellow computer junkies to make it so their iPhone could belong to any network. This nifty piece of work on Hotz part earned him plenty of street credit, but it wasn’t until his altercation with Sony that he really became famous.

George Hotz is like any other 21 year old his age… is addicted to computers. Several months ago, Hotz released a description of how to get root access to the PlayStation 3; which enables gamers to be able to play pirated games on the secure console. After his court settlement with Sony, he agreed to taking down the information from his site. However, hackers around the globe were furious by this, claiming that Sony did wrong, and the famed group “Anonymous” hacked the PSN, bringing down the network for a month, and collecting precious user data.

Well the dust is still being settled regarding the events that took place during the collapse of the PSN; new information is being released daily. George Hotz knows exactly who to blame for this as he states: “The fault lies with the executives who declared a war on hackers, laughed at the idea of people penetrating the fortress that once was Sony, whined incessantly about piracy, and kept hiring more lawyers when they really needed to hire good security experts. Alienating the hacker community is not a good idea.”

All would seem done for this hacker, he has obviously received enough attention for his actions, but that is not the case. Hotz has been working for Facebook since May; it all seems a bit suspicious to be honest. Hotz being sued by Sony during April, and the next month he is working for Facebook, as he apparently helps create the new iPad Facebook app. However, I am no investigator, just a writer; we will find out soon enough though what exactly happened behind closed curtains.

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