Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver Released

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver Released

While the West is fawning over Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Japanese have something else occupying their heads. The delectable title releasing in Japan is the next edition of the Monster Hunter, MH Portable 3rd High Definition for the PS3.

After MH Portable 3rd HD was released, latest images have proved that porting the game from the handheld PSP to the PS3 has been quite successful. The few screenshots that have been released sport a few of the tremendously challenging bosses from MH Portable 3rd HD. The images depict co-operative play, a variety of fine weapons and armours along with UI elements.

It has also been reported that this edition of Monster Hunter’s localization has been slowed down by the approval process undertaken by Sony. Capcom stated that the western divisions of Sony would have to launch the modified version of ad-hoc party and free the game from other restrictions like mandatory trophy support. Hence, it is likely that the game won’t be sighted outside of Japan for some time.

According to the fans, Monster Hunter gameplay has been deeply missed on the Sony PS3 platform and this is an ideal opportunity for Sony to set up an appreciable fan base in markets of the western hemisphere. PSP has fared well in putting up its powerful action-packed style, but limited multiplayer features and lack of a second analog stick have held it back from being a key contemporary gaming console.

MH Portable 3rd is the newest edition of the MH franchise for the PSP system. The game was released sometime in June 2010, as a part of the PSP Remaster series, on PS3. MHP 3rd introduces a range of new monsters, regions, and an amended version of a combat system named as Felyne. It is not an updated sequel to MH Tri and MH Freedom Unite.

In fact, it is entirely different from the rest of the series and nearly all of the game has been completely remade. On the other hand, MH Portable 3rd HD edition is a high definition reproduction of the game and is the first in the series of Sony’s “PSP Remasters” for the PS3. The game will feature 3D support, enhanced HD graphics and share support with the PSP.

The MH Portable 3rd HD version is available at 4,800 yen ($62.40 dollars) in Japan.

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