NBA JAM’s On Fire Edition Now Available

NBA JAM’s On Fire Edition Now Available

Though the NBA Jam released in 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 was decent, it was not as feature-rich as it was expected to be. The ‘over the top’ basketball that has been featured in the series has been cherished by many for ages, but the previous addition to the series was not praised universally and passed out of memory quite quickly.

However, EA has fixed things by launching the NBA Jam: On Fire edition a year later, as a game available for download and presenting a variety of content which can be enjoyed both solo or through multiplayer, and this is precisely what fans of arcade basketball have been craving for.

Taking the hint from the NBA Jam of last year, Road Trip of On Fire has been launched as the game’s main mode and substitutes Remix Tour where the player was matched against the 30 NBA teams in different match types, though this time around these matches are split according to medal statuses; the first round being the typical two-versus-two games.

Right after winning the first bronze match the player unlocks his silver match, and accomplishing that, unlocks the gold. In contrast to last year’s edition when the player had to win the whole set of the first round matches versus all the teams in a distinct division to unlatch the subsequent batch of matches, now he can play teams irrespective of the order. Hence if he wants to hop through the league, the game allows you to do that.

The game is over the top styled basketball at its best and that same, fierce experience from earlier editions is still on display in On Fire. Among other additions and improvements is the addition of Tag Mode that lets the player monitor the both teams’ players instead of depending on the AI. Thus, any mistake committed is the fault of the player, and it exerts more pressure on the player for finding the correct course of action.

Other features include online co-op campaigns and other online competitions. Supplementary animations and intense commentary by Tim Kitzrow, the legendary NBA Jam commentator are also featured, which adds up to a great package overall. Those of you who felt disappointed by last year’s edition can imagine On Fire as EA’s style of saying sorry.

The game can be directly purchased through the XBLA and PlayStation Network for 1200 points or $14.99 USD respectively.

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