Nintendo Unveils Wii U at 2011 E3 Expo, Next Gen Wii Console Wows Audience

Nintendo Unveils Wii U at 2011 E3 Expo, Next Gen Wii Console Wows Audience

Rumors have been circulating the blogsphere about what the next generation of the Wii console would look like, and yesterday at the E3 Expo, we realized that none of the hearsay prepared us for the new Wii U that Nintendo unveiled. The new console is of course an upgrade to the original hardware, but what is really amazing about this newest Nintendo work of genius is the remote for it. 

The new remote for the Wii U features the traditional A pad and buttons, however in this new savvy Wii system, they sit on either side of a rather large touch screen, with analog sticks to the top left and right of it. The usual buttons do the usual things, while the touch screen allows players to have a more visual and literal hands-on control over the game they are playing. The controller, which looks like a handheld gaming / small tablet combination, also allows players to play the games directly on the controller itself, without the use of the television.

You read correctly, owning the Wii U will not only add a whole new element of fun and excitement to new games with the innovative new visual tool, but should you wish to play games on a more portable platform using the versatile Wii U controller as a hand held device, the option is there. The standard Wii remotes, of course, will still work on the Wii U and might be more practical for certain older Wii games, but with an impressive list already forming of new games coming out for the Wii U, developers have been given the opportunity to flex their creative prowess with the integration of the Wii U remote’s touchscreen and stand alone interface.

Several games for Nintendo’s family of gaming systems were also announced at the E3 conference yesterday including a Mario Kart game for the Nintendo 3DS, as well as Paper Mario, a new Zelda game and several more titles for the Nintendo DS as well. The original Wii is also due to receive some new titles, with the biggest release being the new Just Dance 3, the third in the popular Just Dance series.

In more good news, the existing Nintendo Wii Console has also dropped in price, and since there will be a bit of a wait until the Wii U hits stores, those Nintendo fans who do not already own a Wii Console can get one at a great price.  When the Kinect and Playstation Move came out this past holiday season with almost no response from Nintendo, we began to think that maybe they were a one trick pony, but with the  new games and the inventive and extraordinary new Wii U console coming out, it’s clear that Nintendo still has some pretty amazing surprises up their gaming sleeves.

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