Official Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Eyewear Revealed

Official Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Eyewear Revealed

Adding further fervour to the already hyped frenzy surrounding Modern Warfare 3, Gunnar Optiks, well known as the world’s chief producer of technology eyewear, unveiled some limited edition Call of Duty: MW3 gaming eyewear, partnered with Activision Publishing. The new elite MW3 designs instil style, function and form to the existing line of Gunnar’s advanced gaming eyewear. MW3 is expected to be released around the globe on November 8th.

This limited edition MW3 eyewear fuses all the characteristics of Gunnar’s lens technology into an innovative fighter-wrought design. The eyewear includes regular spring hinges, an alloy frame made of magnesium and broad coverage lenses that provide a very sharp and refined view for the extreme ranges of the player’s peripheral vision.  A pair of adjustable nose patches houses a number of facial features including venting details inspired by the newest technology of military machinery. This limited edition eyewear delivers comfort with style, allowing players to stay focused, play longer and look sharp while guarding their eyes during long gaming sessions.

This November, Call of Duty: MW3’s release will undoubtedly be the event of the year and is expected to fetch a new level of unflinching, action-packed entertainment, as detailed by the President of Gunnar, Rob Aarnes.

Some of the key features of this limited edition eyewear include formulated amber tinted lens which alters the colour spectrum to give finer contrast, resolution and detail, the lens material and coating which lessen glare and improve focus, the geometry of the lens and the tint which help avoid dry eyes and reduce stress, and the lightweight frame with the adjustable nose-patches which provides extended coverage and spring hinges to give a perfect fit.

Gunnar has helped the gamers over the years, aiding them in protecting their eyes with their expanded range of COD: Black Ops, Steel Series and MLG edition eyewear. Along with the provision of a visual advantage to players through those extended nights of extreme action, this limited eyewear edition will also allow them to sport their affiliation with the new release while also giving a non-nerdy intense feel to the wearer.

The eyewear is priced at an MSRP of $99 and is available with a limited edition MW3 case and cleaning cloth. The product is planned to be put up for sale exclusively in North America at Best Buy’s retail locations along with a demo experience in selected US sites. It will also be sold in selected European dealers. The pre-orders are expected to begin sometime in late August, and will be available through BestBuy. Specific details about the product will be released in the upcoming months.

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