Portal 2 DLC Drops – Gamers Rejoice and Rage

Portal 2 DLC Drops – Gamers Rejoice and Rage

With a new challenge mode that lets the players pit themselves against their Steam friends, a bunch of co-op adventures for the bionic buddies P-body and Atlas and the community Portal, there’s an appreciable amount of fresh free content for the DLC pack of Portal 2. However, the response received by Valve’s largesse has been mixed, comprising of gamers both rejoicing and raging.

The set of co-op chambers are being quoted as fun and challenging, backed by the hilarious writing which has helped in boosting the series of Portal to staggering heights of critical acclamation. However, the latest challenge modes and the absence of test chambers for the single-player mode have not gone down too well with players.

The challenge campaigns let the player to play through the interrupted sections of every chapter of Portal 2. Players race against time to accomplish each section as fast as they can, using as minimum portals as possible. Not only are they up against the clock, but also against the Portal community and their Steam buddies at large. The players are also ranked based on the number of steps taken by them to accomplish the challenge.

The absence of any kind of award or medal for accomplishing the challenges has irked a few of the gamers, that means in case gamers like their challenges with a cut-throat edge, then all that is available is the mere thought of being a statistic on the leaderboards. In the earlier Portal, the challenge mode had silver, gold and bronze medals for each of the challenge chambers, which were slightly altered versions of the ones found in the single-player mode.

Apparently, even top quality free content is not flame-resistant against gamers’ rage. For the ones feeling let down by the DLC Peer Review, there’s something worth noting:

Dragon Age 2 presented a DLC option earlier this year called “The Exiled Prince” which gave an additional party member to the players along with a rather feeble story arc. This Downloadable Content pack was priced at $7 and appended a measly amount of content and scant value to the already existing game.

By contrast, the Portal 2 Downloadable Content offers players maybe more than  an hour of main additional content based on puzzle solving skill and speed and an option to challenge yourself again on each section of the content, marking themselves against both strangers and friends. All priced at… zip, zero dollars.

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