Starpoint Gemini DLC Now Available

Starpoint Gemini DLC Now Available

Iceberg Interactive has announced the availability of new downloadable content for Starpoint Gemini, a role playing game from LGM Games. The DLC called Gladiator is free for all players.

Starpoint is a strategic space RPG cast in a sci-fi universe, which concentrates on the strengths and control of space vessels and their respective captains. The players can traverse freely through the vastness of the Gemini, the star system, while fighting battles with rogue ships, trading commodities, researching on abnormalities, purchasing new vessels, upgrading their ships with advanced technology, improving their rank and enhancing their experience to become more potent and finally utilising all of that in fighting against enemy ships.

The Gladiators DLC features four new and exclusive ship designs to add to the existing number of vessels, and also fifty new unique ship systems, which will be awarded only when players record a victory. A new segment of Gemini, Outer Horizon, where the tournament takes place, is also featured in the DLC pack along with a line of tough combat conditions such as Free-for-all.

Essentially, Starpoint Gemini provides the main storyline of thirty odd missions, but also offers a choice to each and every player; if they actually want to pursue the main plot or wander around at their own free will. The Gemini system is a dynamic galaxy bustling with mining, commerce and fighting.

The players can survey the Gemini world and select their respective careers. Since the chief character of the game is a large starship, Starpoint offers various ways to adjust and customize it to meet the needs of the individual players.

The game offers a large degree of customizability. The captain may be a specialist in either some technical field or warfare area; he acquires perks and levels with time. The ships in fact have special abilities, and can be modified with a large numbers of shields, weapons, power cores and various enhancements. Additionally, the player can also hire a number of crew members, each characterised by his own abilities and bonuses.

Apart from this, the player can travel around Gemini’s various segments and sectors in search for glory (undertaking freelance missions, fighting), wealth (mining, trading), or explore abnormalities. The players can use everything starting from small gunships to huge battle cruisers. The player can employ various tactics like cloaking approach, frontal assault, entering the enemy vessel, targeting enemy ship’s systems, and many more to gain the upper hand over enemy ships.

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