Toy Story DLC to Come to LBP2 Aug 3rd, Get Sneak Peak at Costumes

Toy Story DLC to Come to LBP2 Aug 3rd, Get Sneak Peak at Costumes

LittleBigPlanet 2 is a great puzzle-platforming title that is both fun and challenging, however as a huge fan of LBP2 and a female I have to tell you, one of my favorite part of the experience are the costumes. I have played for hours to defeat the time trials, minigames, as well as any and all other requirements for additional costumes and enjoy changing and combining costume pieces as often as possible. 

The themed outfits provide an additional element of fun and individuality for the diverse sack people that inhabit the Little Big Planet universe, and now there are about to be a new set of them.

August 3rd will begin the introduction of a series of levels and costumes in the Toy Story theme, each available piece of the pack being $5.99 a pop. You can choose to either download the pack as an entire group or just pick the individual elements you want.

The pack, or seperate elements if you wish will include 9 TOy Story themed levels, two entirely new music tracks, a new level background, five new materials, ten decorations, six new objects, and over 140 new stickers. The costumes pack will include outfits from Buzz, Hamm, Woody and several others, also to be released on the third.

LittleBigPlanet 2 is a game worth having and a masterpiece in the puzzle-platforming genre, a large part of that being the creativity that went into it and the creativity it allows it’s players to utilize. The costumes, skins, themes and creator’s tools make the title a unique and fun experience, and with the release of this new Toy Story pack, it will be even more fun.

To take a sneak peak at the costume pack and additional play screen shots, visit the PS3 Toy Story Level Kit portal!

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