Tropico 4 to arrive on Xbox 360: 21st October

Tropico 4 to arrive on Xbox 360: 21st October

Kalypso Media has declared the triumphant return of El Presidente to the Microsoft entertainment system and Xbox 360 with the Tropico 4’s release on 21 October, with the game being made available for purchase on the very next day. Tropico 4 is a management and construction simulation video game that concentrates on city building. Just like the first as well as the third game of the series, this one centres on a main character that goes by the moniker “El Presidente”, a dictator and ruler of an island called Banana Republic.

The game sees the players returning to Tropico, the paradise of the Caribbean, daring them to transform the backwater island into a universal superpower by forceful or financial means. The player gets to play as the tyrant, armed with the sole goal of enhancing his Swiss bank account or as a people’s ‘man’. New import as well as export features, buildings, supreme superpowers to deal with and more makes the return of El Presidente to the Xbox 360 a much anticipated release.

Tropico 4 will see the player return as El Presidente, the benevolent (tyrannical) dictator of the Tropico. With an altering world as the background, Tropico is racing with the times – the rise and fall of geographical powers and domination of the world market by brand new players with newer offers and demands – and as El Presidente, the player faces an entirely new set of dares and challenges. If players are to attain triumph over their naysayers they will have to attain as much support from their people as possible. Their decisions will mould the future of their nation, and more significantly, the size of El’s Swiss bank account.

The game’s campaign comprises of 20 missions laid on 10 distinct maps. Tropico 4 features more superpowers along with a council of ministers which exists to assist the player on a wide range of issues. Players will have to manage with demands of various political factions characterised with their very own ideological attitude. Also, an exclusive Steam version is soon to be made available that features another island for the sandbox mode and one more pair of clothes for the customised El Presidente. Also featuring in this new version are 20 new buildings along with a shopping mall.

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